New Yorker

Il New Yorker, nella pagina dedicata alla nighlife della città, annuncia l’imminente concerto di Jovanotti con questa descrizione:

The Italian hip-hop artist Jovanotti (né Lorenzo Cherubini) is one of Italy’s best-selling musicians and one of the few with any credibility in the American pop-music industry. Raised in Tuscany and Rome (his father was a Vatican guard), Jovanotti began his career in the late eighties as a rapper; he famously covered the Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” in Italian-accented English on an early live album. Since then, he’s moved in a more pop direction, and his lyrics have become more political, espousing support for pacifism and human rights. For this American tour, he’ll be drawing largely on last year’s album, “Ora,” which added electronica flourishes to his richly orchestrated sound.